Personal intuitive eating coaching

Personal intuitive eating and body positivity coaching.
Just you and me, 1 to 1, helping you to reframe your thoughts and behaviours around food and your body

I know how tired you are of dieting.

Diets don’t work in the long term. They never have and they never will, yet you go back time and time again. Maybe it’s the same diet plan, maybe it’s another, but it’s always the same results. The reason is because they’re based on the idea that we can control our weight and our bodies, which we can’t.

Intuitive Eating is a different way of looking at food and our relationship with it, and it’s based on the simple idea that we have an in-built ability to know what we should eat. It’s a more natural way to eat, and it’s something that everyone can do.

If you’re ready to give up dieting for good, have a better relationship with food, and find body confidence, then my personal intuitive eating coaching is for you. I’ll help you let go of all your negative feelings about food and your body, and guide you through the process of learning how to listen to your own body’s signals about what, how much, and when to eat. You’ll be able to enjoy food again without feeling guilty or ashamed, and you’ll find that movement becomes something fun and joyful instead of another thing that is a struggle.

How can intuitive eating coaching help me?

food freedom

Imagine being free from the guilt, shame, and obsession that comes with dieting. Imagine never having to restrict or deprive yourself ever again. Imagine no foods being out of bounds. That’s what I want for you, and I know we can get there together. 

I can help you to unpick the reasons why you are worries about food, and help you to realise that you can eat without fear of losing control.

Stop dieting for good

Dieting does so much more harm than good. It is bad for your physical health and your mental health. How much have you stressed about food? How much have you wished you could just be thinner?  

There is another way! I will help you understand why diets don’t work so that you can finally stop worrying about food all the time. Never count calories or weigh food again. Don’t let dieting ruin your life any longer.

build body confidence

Do you feel like your body is holding you back from living a happy life?

I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with self-hatred and shame. It feels like the only way to feel good is to lose weight, but that’s not true! I can help you build body confidence so that you are able to live the life that you deserve NOW.


I believe that doing this work on yourself is an investment. You really are making changes that will last for a lifetime. It’s time to stop throwing away money to those diet companies and invest in yourself instead.

Why Terri?

I am a certified Intuitive Eating counsellor, trained with Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, the original Intuitive Eating pros. I’m also ASDAH and Health At Every Size affiliated, which means I will always advocate for your wellbeing, no matter what your shape or size. To add to this, I have qualifications which allow me to support your nutrition as well as your eating behaviours.

Aside from the professional stuff, I am going to be your biggest cheerleader. I’ll be the person you can trust, confide in, and lean on. I’ll always treat you with kindness and compassion, and hopefully we’ll have a laugh or two along the way.

I’m here for you, ready to support you, guide you, and cheer you on. 

ready to find out more about intuitive eating counselling?

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