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It’s hard work keeping up with everything on social media, I get that. You don’t always see everything that your favourite accounts post unless you set your notifications, and even then you have to remember to look at those! And I know you’re too busy to remember to go to a website to see what the latest blog posts are, even if you love reading them.

Let me take that extra thing you have to remember out of your task list and pop the good stuff right into your inbox for you to read when you’re sat having a cuppa and want something good to read.

I’m going to motivate you. I’m going to help you on that Intuitive Eating journey and cheer you on when you need to feel better about yourself.

I’ll give you a round up of my posts, plus any news that I think is important to share with you, in a regular email. I will throw some free goodies in there for you too, to say thank you for supporting me, and to help you on your journey.

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