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intuitive eating & body positivity Magazine

Are you sick of all of your magazines being full of dieting, ways to make yourself skinnier or ‘more attractive’, celebrity gossip, crazy stories, and adverts? 

Me too! That’s why I decided to create my own Intuitive Eating and body positivity magazine. 

This new intuitive eating and body positivity magazine (name tbc!) is a totally unique magazine that focuses on promoting a healthy relationship with food and a positive body image. The Magazine promises to be the go-to source for information and inspiration on intuitive eating, self-care, and body positivity. 

Each issue is filled with amazing articles written by experts in the fields of intuitive eating, body positivity, and holistic health, such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, self-care, movement, and nutrition. In addition to this, helpful tips and advice are provided to help each reader make positive and sustainable changes to improve their relationship with food and their body image.

A new issue is released on the first of each month. The first issue will be coming out July 2022, so we’re nearly ready!

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I’m looking for guest writers who are body-positive, intuitive eating, or holistic health experts! 

Intuitive eating and body positivity are my passions. I want to bring people a whole range of ideas and inspiration for how they can improve their relationship with food and their body, and this is where you come in. 

If you have expertise or experience in a holistic health area I’d love to hear from you. Help me to fill the pages of the magazine with ways that people can learn more about self care and give them ideas to explore for themselves. Whatever your interest, as long as you work in a weight inclusive way you are welcome to apply.

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