Welcome to the blog, a place for you to find inspiration, motivation, and useful nutritional information with a body positive, health at every size, non-diet approach. It’s time to be kind to yourself, to eat well for better health, and to embrace your body.

I’ll be talking about all things Intuitive Eating and body positivity, and everything will be provided in bite sized chunks, jargon free so that you can understand it, and all science backed. Oh, and a bit of general chat from me.

Recent posts

What if we all spoke our minds?

Compliments that aren’t really compliments, What people think is acceptable to say to a person in a bigger body, and why it’s not ok.

How to handle food at the office

How to handle all the food at the office, such as the birthday buffets, the celebratory cakes, and the guilt that can come from enjoying them.

Movement, not exercise

People often moan about having to exercise, but movement should be something you can’t wait to do because of how it makes you feel

Why do we eat more at a BBQ?

We always eat more food at a BBQ than in an average plated meal. Why is that, and how do you deal with the guilt afterwards?

Diets don’t start on a Monday

You’ve been dieting, fallen off the bandwagon, and now you’re looking for that fresh start. Monday, that’s a good day to start, isn’t it?