Welcome to the blog, a place for you to find inspiration, motivation, and useful nutritional information with a body positive, health at every size, non-diet approach. It’s time to be kind to yourself, to eat well for better health, and to embrace your body.

I’ll be talking about all things Intuitive Eating and body positivity, and everything will be provided in bite sized chunks, jargon free so that you can understand it, and all science backed. Oh, and a bit of general chat from me.

Recent posts

Intuitive Eating at Halloween

Halloween is a scary time (pardon the pun) for people struggling with food, but is a great time to practice your Intuitive Eating principles.

I eat and eat but I’m never full

Sometimes we eat and eat and nothing fills us up, we’re still hungry. What if I told you you weren’t hungry, you just weren’t satisfied?

Clean up your social media feed

One thing that you can do, that will have an instant impact, is to clean up your social media. You can decide what info you are exposed to.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Maybe you’ve heard of Intuitive Eating, or maybe it is completely new to you. What is Intuitive Eating though? Let me explain.

I miss skinny me

Just because you are body positive it doesn’t mean you don’t want to be thinner. Life is harder in a bigger body.

Group Coaching with Terri Pugh

Weekly group coaching sessions with Terri Pugh to help you have a better relationship with food and build body confidence.